Downtown Fire Tragedy

On the afternoon of June 22nd, 2022, the City of Millersburg suffered a tragic fire in the 400 block of downtown.
What used to be full of store fronts, markets, the post office, dry cleaners, businesses of all kinds, and homes to many, is now mostly rubble.
As soon as the tragedy occurred Millersburg experienced an immediate outpouring of support from various fire departments, citizens, neighbors, businesses, officials, and more – something our community will be forever grateful for.
The first question many asked was, “what can be done to help Millersburg build back?” Follow the link below to learn more.

COMMUNITY VENTURES CORPORATION INC – Downtown Millersburg Fire Recovery (

[Pictures 1-13 courtesy of Lanny Brannock, son of Jerry and Pat Brannock,
who was raised and spent his youth and young adult life in Millersburg.]